Metal Roofs: The Best Roofs for Winter

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Metal Roofs: The Best Roofs for Winter

The winter brings with it inclement weather, and most of all, snow. Clearing the snow away, and having a quality roof engineered to handle heavy snowfall is the best solution for snow on roofs. Roof snow removal can be accomplished in a few ways, most commonly with a tool called a roof rake, to brush the snow off the roof. However this may be dangerous and require you to hire a professional.

Metal Roofs in NEPA

Metal roofs are a great choice for the winter in NEPA, because of the durability, and they are designed to withstand changes in weather. Snow removal for a metal roof can also be easier, since a metal roof can be installed with accessories that will break up the snow and ice as it slides off of the roof. A professional is still recommended to clear any excess snow off of your metal roof, because they are slicker than a traditional roof, and more dangerous to navigate, especially in the winter.

If you have an immediate concern about your roof, and are worried that you have to wait until the spring to get a new one, consider a metal roof. Metal roofs can be installed during the winter and regular roofs cannot! Traditional roofing just might not be possible in the winter, with the harsh winds, dropping temperatures, and unpredictable snowfall, shingles can easily crack. Metal roofs are less likely to cause problems and will prevent the need for repairs in the warmer months.