When to Replace your Roof in NEPA

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When to Replace your Roof in NEPA

As one of the most important parts of the home – it is important to make sure your roof is in good condition. Let’s face it, a roof that is in bad shape can wreak havoc on your home – by allowing water to get into the home, it can ruin carpet, rot wood, damage drywall, etc. Even though replacing a roof in NEPA can be a costly investment – waiting too long to replace your roof can cost even more. One of the BIGGEST mistakes people make is waiting until the roof is leaking to replace it meaning additional costs to the interior and exterior of the home on top of the cost of replacing your roof!


So, if you’re not sure if the roof just needs a repair or if you need to replace your roof – here are some tips on what to look for to know if you need to replace your roof:


  1. Are shingles cracked or curled?

This usually means your shingles are at the end of their life – they could easily blow off your roof in the near future and/or water could begin to seep through the cracks.

  1. Are there missing shingles?

This often indicates that the tar strip has worn out. Without getting this fixed – you could be facing water entering your home in the near future.

  1. Is there a lot of moss or plant growth on the roof?

Moss and plants can dig their roots into the shingles and begin to pull the shingles apart – another way for shingles to blow off the roof more easily and water to get into your home.

  1. Are there dark spots on your roof?

Dark spots mean that shingles are losing granules which protect the asphalt from sun damage. These shingles are weaker and more prone to breaking or blowing off – leaving a high risk of water entering the home.

  1. Check the attic! Are there places where the roof is sagging? Any signs of water damage? Is outside light seeping in? Any of these are indications that your roof has been compromised.